Most of us spend ¾ of our time with these gadgets; it’s almost like an addiction. An extremely minimal percentage of mobile phone users can go a few hours without handling them. It is also pathetically true to say that, just like your clothes and posture, your phone introduces you to people when you cannot speak for yourself. I repeat, it is sad of us, but we are humans; we are who we are. We can’t help it. So, does this mean that we must have expensive phones to make an impression? No. while Expensive gadgets do capture our attention, it’s for a whole other reason. We are material beings; we tend to be drawn to costly things in life. This, of course, doesn’t apply to everyone since we all have different tastes. The focus in mind here is how you dress your phone; yes, even that $1 phone. There are several ways you can accessorize your phone to give it a personalized look and I am here to tell you what to consider when doing so.

  • Authenticity and credibility

Let’s talk complementary gadgets. These are devices or appliances that provide extensive mobile phone services such as selfie sticks and external headphones, to mention a few, or function to protect your phone; such as phone covers and screen protectors. When buying these items, consider compatibility with your phone; be it in size or technology, and consider durability and authenticity. Authenticity most often sells credibility, and credibility sells durability. For example, if you buy complementary items from a company that claims to be Apple but the logo has a full apple (instead of the originally bitten apple), most probably the item won’t serve you as well as the original product would have. This is very crucial. Some people have bought knock-offs of covers that come with airbags, only for their expensive mobiles to fall and crash.

Another way to determine durability is by considering the brand reputation. If company X has a reputation of producing products that crash after a short time of usage, most probably the item you buy from them will crash soon too. Moreso, most of us can tell knock-off mobile phone accessories from real ones and remember, we want to create good impression.

Don’t worry; original items are easy to come by too. One can shop online for mobile accessories; just ensure that the online shopping store you are buying for is credible. Browse here for options. Happy shopping!